Electrical Maintenance and Testing INC.

Quality Service

Some of Our Many Services

Substation Services

▪ Inspections                         ▪ Infra-Red Scanning                          ▪ Ultra-Sonic Detection

▪ Fluid Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Testing and Preventive Maintenance Services

▪ Cable Testing                     ▪ Grounding Systems                          ▪ Power and Distribution Transformers

▪ Low, Medium and High Voltage Switchgear, Switches, Breakers, Motor Starters, MCCs                

▪ Electro-Mechanical and Solid State Relaying

Engineering Services

▪ Short-Circuit/Coordination Studies               ▪ Arc Flash Hazard Analysis             ▪ Load Flow Studies

▪ Power Monitoring             ▪ Power Quality Surveys                     ▪ Forensic Investigations   

Other Services

▪ Turn-Key Installation of Unit Substations   ▪ Circuit Breaker Total Reconditioning and Retro-Fitting

▪ Medium Voltage Cable Splicing and Terminations   ▪ Project Management